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Is it time based / fixed timing login?
Relax, GoProHR gives you freedom to work at any time convenient to you.
Is it a Job?
No, it is an extra avenue for recruiters to earn in freelance mode.
When will I receive my Payments?
Any payment be it recruitment or hotlist selling (which is an advance) done in lieu to an individual accounts on our platform will be processed and deliver in seven working days after deduction of percentage according to membership plan.
Is it true that GoProHR shares 90% of transaction amount with recruiter?
Yes, if you are enlisted in our premium membership, you will be eligible for 90% revenue sharing generated on the portal.
Which clients are on the software?
Our efforts to get companies on board to enlist their recruitment contracts is in process. We need you to support us by being active on the portal so that we all together realize our collated efficiency of delivery desired candidates. However we are in contact with best companies in their respective industries to start enlisting their recruitment contracts for you to deliver.
Do we get database support from GoProHR?
No, we do not provide any database access but we are trying to convince leading job portals to have special database access package for our GoProHR recruiters where in GoProHR recruiters will get discounted access to their database on monthly, quarterly, half yearly & yearly.
How will I know about new contracts on the portals?
Any company which raises a contract and makes their contract public, you will receive a notification, mail & text about the details of new contract raised in your respective industry. You can choose up to three industries.
How will I receive my money?
In your profile you can add/update your bank details, which will be used to transfer payments online.
How will I do client coordination?
GoProHR is a complete recruitment solution software. Any communication required for a profile is taken care in detail before companies raise contract. Even your every profile submission can be tracked live on our software through our unique & in-house features of candidate tracking system.
How do I make money on GoProHR?
You earn money on GoProHR either by providing candidates to enlisted recruitment contracts or by selling your hotlist verified by us.
Why should I get verified by GoProHR?
GoProHR verifies every aspects of your professional detailed. After satisfaction of all the professional details provided by you, you are GoProHR verified logo on your profile which will help you in getting 10X more response from enlisted contracts by various companies.
How can we source talents from GoProHR?
You can source talents directly from thousands of experienced recruiters register on our portal. There are two ways to source talents from our portal. One allot any recruiter recruitment contract on the price decided by them on individual recruitment. Second search & buy hotlist created by recruiters on GoProHR.
What if we want to float a fixed price contract?
Yes, we would suggest you to enable our bidding contract, which will help you to get lower contract. There is an option of floating a fixed rate contract or invite recruiters for the same.
How will I search recruiters?
You can search recruiters on our search recruiter tab. Search can be done based on industry, experience, location, active, with hotlist and verified by GoProHR.
What if we are unhappy with working of any recruiter on our contract?
You can rate and review any recruiter engaged with you on its profile which would be visible on recruiter's profile. This would help GoProHR forum and its users to identify good recruiters. We would request you to review every recruiter you will be engaged with.
How do we deal with replacement clause with the recruiter once the payment is done?
GoProHR is still improving and we are committed to improve however we would suggest companies to keep replacement time period shorter or equivalent to payment period.
For (e.g.) If your replacement clause is 30 days then keep your payment lock in period for 30 days or more.
How can we buy hotlist?
You can search recruiters who have enlisted hotlist on their profile, view their hotlist. If you like the pool of candidates in the hotlist then you can buy the hotlist directly on our portal or quote your rate to recruiter. It's a cheaper way to get access to most unique data available online.
How do we intimate recruiters & candidates on rejection, selection and journey?
GoProHR has automatic update system where it automatically sends any update on candidate's profile from your end.
For (e.g.) If you shortlist a candidate for an interview, GoProHR will ask you for interview details after you shortlist a candidate prior to which software will send an automatic mail, text & message, notification to recruiter and candidate about shortlisting and interview details. This helps in avoiding communication gap.
How do we know credential of recruiters?
We have carefully drafted registration form of recruiters so that details of every aspect of their recruitment is listed for you to decide of any recruiter.
We also have GoProHR verified feature wherein we check every credential of recruiter mention on his/her profile. If the details submitted by a recruiter are correct and true in every sense, we go ahead and award verified shield GoProHR online business agreements on verified recruiter's verification profile.
How do we make recruitment payment?
The recruitment payment would be made as per your candidate selected during the time of raising a contract. GoProHR will keep a track of payment due, payment made and payment overdue which also be viewed by us under account information.
Can we approach individual recruiter on GoProHR?
You can search and invite any recruiter on GoProHR.
How GoProHR does helps in recruitment?
GoProHR can be a complete solution for recruitment through vendors. It can help in searching thousands of HR vendors of any location, industry and experience. GoProHR also keeps a complete account of recruitment done from anywhere. You can also make payment from GoProHR portal.